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To make your own spray primer, style refresher, curl reactivator or detangler, add a dollop of Multiwash and fill remaining bottle with warm water. Shake vigorously with each use. 



What is Multispray? 

Have you ever wanted to give your hair a little boost before you actually styled it with heat and other products? All you have to do is add a dollop of Multiwash to our reusable, glass Multispray bottle, give it a good shake and voila! That’s all it takes to get your primer set up. Using a primer on your hair not only prepares it for the heat it’s about to endure but also sets you up for a great hair day, protecting it against humidity and frizziness, while conditioning and giving you better hold and shine!

On top of being a really great hair primer, Multiwash can also be applied as a curl spray to bring your stunning curls to life. Curls are so unique for each person and sometimes they need a little help to enhance their natural charm. As a curl spray, Multiwash helps define and separate the curls to give you a more even look across your whole head. You can also use Multiwash as a curl refresher to revive those luscious locks between washes. Who wouldn’t want to give their hair the best chance to look its best throughout the day? 

What is Hair Primer?

Hair primers prep your hair for styling, just as a face, lash or eyeshadow primer preps your face for makeup and creates a nice even base. It’s great to get your hair ready for all sorts of situations, including styling, environmental factors and damage. Our Index Prime brings your hair game to the next level. Our primer uses our Type 1 to rejuvenate your hair and prep it for styling. Once you try a primer, you’ll never go back! The benefits primers offer are so great you’ll want to protect your hair forever! 


What Hair Primers do?

A better question might be, what doesn’t a hair primer do? Primers condition and hydrate your hair to keep it healthy and strong, protects against heat damage caused by everyday styling, detangles to make brushing a breeze, minimizes breakage to protect your lovely locks, prepares your hair for your styling routine, refreshes your hair adding shine and bounce and allows your style to last longer!


Can Primer be used on curly hair?

Absolutely! Our Index Primer is a fantastic curl reviving spray and curl refreshing spray! Curls can be tricky, especially through the use of heat and depending on your environment and the frizziness that comes along with both. Using a primer on curly hair helps define and separate the curls to make them look incredible and healthy. We know that curls are different for everyone and honestly, can be different for every day of the week. That’s why we love recommending our Primer. It gives your hair an even surface to work with so you can feel your best and your curls can be exactly what you dreamed they would be! 

Can primer be used as a detangler? 

Primers are a great option if you’re looking for a detangler! We all know the dreaded feeling that comes when you have to take care of hair that you know is going to be a pain to brush through. Using a primer puts moisture in the strands of your hair to allow it to be easier to smooth out with a brush. It’s perfect for kids when they have bed head, after a bath, or really whenever they could use a brush through. Brushing a kid's hair can be stressful and sometimes painful. Using our primer will help make those moments so much smoother for you, your kiddo and their hair! 

What’s the difference between leave-in conditioner and primer?

Leave-in conditioner adds moisture to your hair but doesn’t really provide any protection from damage or help with your hair styling. Primer on the other hand, not only helps your hair look healthy, but also defends against damage and helps keep your hair looking fresh throughout the day! 

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