Your Guide To Beachy Curls Without An Iron

Your Guide To Beachy Curls Without An Iron

So, you're craving those gorgeous, tousled beach waves without the hassle of a curling iron? You're in luck! With a few simple products and some expert technique, you can elevate your curly hair routine and achieve those big, bouncy waves without breaking a sweat!

1. Start In The Shower

What you wash your hair with makes a huge difference. Washing with Detox and conditioning with Multiwash will give your hair the best texture to start with. We also like to detangle in the shower before rinsing your conditioner with either a wet comb or brush and be sure to skip the brushing following your shower.

2. Prep Your Hair 

Start with slightly damp hair. A microfiber towel like our Quick-Drying Hair Wrap will absorb excess water, allowing your hair to dry more quickly. If you are resetting your next-day hair and your hair is already dry, mist with Multispray to re-dampen. Next, smooth in curl creme to enhance your natural curl, add definition, and hold curls into place. Multiwash is a brilliant curl creme and is our stylists' favorite go-to styling creme in the salon.

3. Twist and Set

To bring out the natural curl pattern in your hair, take small sections of damp hair and twist away from your face. Secure each section with Creaseless Setting Clips and set the curls into place. Once your curls are set, DO NOT TOUCH until your hair is completely dry. If you need to speed up the drying process, blow-dry with a diffuser to control the frizz and keep the curl pattern.

4. Release and Tousle

Once your hair is completely dry, gently release the twists and tousle your hair with your fingers, breaking up the curls to create a relaxed, beachy look. Don't worry about perfection here – the beauty of beach waves is in their imperfection.

5. Enhance With Salt Spray or Shine Serum

For that extra beachy vibe, spritz your hair with a sea salt spray for gritty texture and volume or add a dollop of Light Multiserum for a feather-light sheen. We like to make our own Sea Salt Spray in our Multispray Bottle. Simply add 1 tablespoon of sea salt to 1 cup of warm water (filtered or distilled is best) and shake until salt is completely dissolved. You can also add a couple drops of essential oil for fragrance or a couple teaspoons of aloe vera gel to add moisture and more texture.

And there you have it – five simple steps to elevate your curly har routine and achieve those beautiful big beachy curls without using a curling iron. Embrace the natural texture of your hair and enjoy your effortlessly chic hairstyle!

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