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What Is Uncombable Hair Syndrome?

We have all experienced snarly hair. Either as kids dreading that post-bath or post-swim hair brushing or as caregivers dreading the exact same thing. You may have even used the term uncombable hair to describe a bad hair day. The truth however is that uncombable hair is more than just a term or a phrase, but actually a rare disorder of the hair shaft of the scalp. 

What Is Uncombable Hair Syndrome?

Other common names for Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS) are Unmanageable Hair Syndrome or Spun Glass Hair. It is a hair growth disorder caused by genetic mutations in which the hair won’t lie flat no matter how much it is brushed or combed. 

People with Uncombable Hair Syndrome tend to have blonde or silver hair that looks visibly wiry or frizzy, is dry, and stands away from the scalp. It may be present at birth but is most commonly observed between ages 2 and 11.

Typical hair shafts (regardless of hair type) are tubular. But for people with Uncombable Hair Syndrome, when observed under a microscope, the hair shaft looks angular, almost like a triangle. 

What causes Uncombable Hair Syndrome?

Research has shown that most Uncombable Hair Syndrome cases are caused by genetic mutations and although parents are considered carriers, they may not necessarily have the condition themselves. 

For most children with UHS, they will outgrow the condition during adolescents and it will disappear just as randomly as it appeared. Hormone changes during puberty can trigger a change in hair type and for many people, UHS is no longer visible.

Uncombable Hair Syndrome usually doesn’t create any further complications or occur with any other health conditions but for a small subset of patients, this hair condition is a symptom of more serious health concerns. You should always consult with a medical professional if you suspect you or your child may have this condition.

How To Treat Uncombable Hair Syndrome?
Although there is no official treatment for Uncombable Hair Syndrome, it should be noted that while the hair might seem unmanageable, it is still healthy and growing -not weak or damaged. Some people have suggested that taking biotin supplements can improve the hair’s appearance and make it more manageable, but to date, there are not enough studies to confirm this theory.


Since Uncombable Hair Syndrome does not behave like more textured hair types it does not respond to standard hair styling techniques like relaxers, perms or keratin treatments. Experts recommend being gentle with the hair and opting for minimal heat styling (such as blowdrying). You should avoid too much handling and when necessary, only use soft brushes and gentle, hydrating conditioners.  

Index Multiwash is a hair wash, conditioning wash (cowash), hair conditioner and styling creme. It is detergent-free to soothe and protect your natural hair & scalp oils and help prevent dehydration or irritation. It can also be used as a gentle, leave-in hair detangler with Index MultisprayJust add a dollop of Multiwash to our reusable glass spray bottle, fill with warm water and shake vigorously with each use. 

Although Uncombable Hair Syndrome is harmless and temporary for most who have it, it can still be a frustrating experience for children and caregivers alike so let Index Multiuse Hair Products help! 

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