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What Is A Cowlick?

We have all experienced that particular section of hair that does not cooperate with the rest. It may stick out, curl in the opposite direction or create an overall struggle with your desired hairstyle. The term for this little rebellious lock of hair is Cowlick or Cowlick Hair. The term, Cowlick comes from the swirled effect left in the hair of baby cattle after being licked by their mothers.

What Is A Cowlick or Cowlick Hair?

A Cowlick or Cowlick Hair is a lock of hair that grows in a different angle or direction from the rest of the hair on your head. It may stick up, curl or resist being combed flat. Cowlicks are typically located at the crown of your head but can also appear near the front of the hairline. 

Cowlicks often grow straight upward and can sometimes add a bit of volume to your hair. While they can sometimes be annoying by ruining a particular hairstyle, they are not necessarily bad if appropriately styled.

What Causes Cowlicks?

Cowlicks develop before birth and can affect both men and women. While a fetus is developing, Cowlicks are caused by hair follicles growing in a slant opposite the direction of the rest of the hair. Many researchers agree that Cowlicks are hereditary and develop primarily due to your genetic makeup.

How To Control Cowlicks?

Cowlicks are rooted in your hair growth, so although you can't get rid of them permanently, there are tips, tricks and products that can help you style around them. 

Blowdry Cowlicks

When your hair is damp, pre-dry your Cowlick in the opposite direction that it naturally grows. If it grows straight up, try blowdrying the section of hair downwards, focusing on the root. Pre-drying also helps create volume, especially when done with your hands and fingers, before beginning the round or flat brush portion of your blowdry.

Creaseless Clips and Cowlicks

After you finish heat styling, use a Creaseless Hair Clip to hold your Cowlick in place while you complete the rest of your routine. Creaseless Clips are also helpful when air-drying or setting your hair without heat. Our Creaseless Hair Clips come in many shades and styles to elevate your tool collection!

Styling Creme and Cowlicks

Index Multiwash is a hair wash, conditioning wash (co-wash), hair conditioner and styling creme. It is detergent-free to soothe and protect your natural hair & scalp oils and help prevent dehydration or irritation. Since it can be used as a gentle holding styling creme to set and style your hair, it is perfect for setting your Cowlick to offer hold to your styling method.

Alternate Your Part or Hairstyle

Cowlicks can impact where it's best to part your hair. If you wish to conceal your Cowlick from the front, experiment with a middle part or alternate side part to see what is the most flattering for you. Experimenting with different haircuts and styles can also help encourage the Cowlick to work in your favor. For instance, Cowlicks are often more noticeable with straight hair, so air-drying your natural hair texture can make your Cowlick less obvious. 


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