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The Evolution of Index

In the year 2005, Tara Southard and Jeff Martin embarked on a journey to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bustling metropolis of Salt Lake City. With a vision to establish a premier hair salon that would be a cut above the rest, they opened the doors of Dexterity Salon, a quaint and intimate boutique hair salon nestled in the heart of downtown.

After relocating from the Windy City of Chicago, Jeff assembled a team of highly skilled and fervent stylists who shared his passion for hair design and innovation. With Tara's business acumen, they set out to explore the ever-evolving landscape of hair styling and create a salon that would be a beacon of creativity and excellence.

Fast forward to 2019, Tara, Jeff and their talented team embarked on an ambitious project to share their stylist secrets and develop a revolutionary hair care product that would elevate the hair game to new heights. After years of research, experimentation and fine-tuning, they finally succeeded in creating Index Type 1 Multiwash, a transformative multi-use hair product that promised to simplify haircare, while delivering healthy, shiny and strong hair for both clients and stylists.

Today, Index By Dex is a small batch, multi-use hair care line, 20 years in the making and formulated by the stylists of Dexterity Salon. Index is designed to simplify haircare because life is busy, your haircare routine doesn't have to be. All while catering to the specific needs of healthy hair enthusiasts because you're not just one thing and neither are we.

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