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How Often Can You Color Your Hair?

Coloring your hair is an outward expression for every person. You can change up your style, test out new trends, model a chic, bold color, find the shade that accents your features the best and just have fun with it! When it comes to coloring your hair, however, you want to make sure to keep it as healthy as you can. A question that pops up a lot is “How often can I color my hair?”. We’ll go over the recommended times for different types of color and how you can do your best to keep your hair healthy, shiny and fabulous.


Permanent hair color contains the chemicals ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to, like the name implies, permanently change the structure of your hair. It strips the color from each strand to then replace it with the color you are putting over it. This type of color is best for full gray coverage and changing up your color, however, it is the type of hair color to cause the most damage. Whether you want your hair to go lighter, darker or change the tone from a warm to a cool, for example, permanent hair color is going to be the way to go. Permanent typically lasts 8 weeks as your hair grows and the roots start to come through. It’s best to wait 6-8 weeks in between coloring sessions if you choose to use permanent color. 

Semi-Permanent hair color is best when you want to freshen up your look without changing the color dramatically. Semi-permanent works to add some shine and revitalize the hair by adding color to the surface of the hair. Unlike permanent, it doesn’t change the actual structure of your hair so the amount of damage left behind is almost non-existent. If you’re looking for full gray coverage, semi-permanent is not recommended. It is, however, a perfect solution for short-term hair changes or when you are unsure of changing it up too much. This is a fun way for you to have creative freedom and try something you might not usually go for. It normally lasts 4-6 weeks. Due to its chemical make up it will wash out within this time. To reduce any worries you can safely re-color your hair with semi-permanent around 4 weeks. 

Demi- Permanent is the happy medium between permanent and semi-permanent. By this I mean that it is ammonia-free but it does have some peroxide to allow the first layer of hair to be colored. It doesn’t penetrate all of the way through the strands of hair but it is a great way to enhance your color. For those with grays it can help cover better than semi-permanent by blending the colors better, but still not as flawlessly as permanent color. Because demi-permanent will not lighten your hair the damage it leaves behind is far less than you will find with permanent hair color. It usually lasts up to 24 shampoos. You should try to go 6-8 weeks in between coloring sessions with demi-permanent.

Whenever you color your hair you want to give it the best change to bounce back and be as healthy and strong as it can be. Using products that focus on doing this is the best way to keep your hair game strong. Index’s Multiwash is a fortifier for hair. It can be used in so many different ways and it’s all meant to work for your hair. After you use permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color you want to make sure you condition your strands to reduce any damage. Along with conditioning, priming your hair for heat, styling and everyday damage is the ultimate way to keep your hair where it needs to be health wise. Coloring your hair is a game changer. Make sure you’re giving your hair the love it needs so it can not only look, but also feel incredible!

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